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The Saucy Rig 1.5

This is a quick post which will be updated soon with more detailed instruction on how to install this.  The process is the same as before except minor details listed in the included rig notes in the zip file below. 

I’ve updated the Saucy Rig for Hash Animation Master with an important technical change.  I’ve also created a few variants of the rig’s body controls based on some feedback and testing.

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The Saucy Rig

Green RobbyWell here it is!

Download the Saucy Rig for use in Animation Master:

Saucy Rig (v1c) File size: 34 kB

Updated to version 1.5

This rig has been designed to be very easy to install so you should not have any trouble after going over the videos and instructions.

Before you install this rig into you own model(s), I invite you to have a look at the Saucy Rig Overview post.  There, you can download a sample rigged file to try out in Animation Master as well as watch a few videos on how it functions so you can determine if this rig is one that you think that you’ll find useful.

A few things about the rig have changed for the better since I first demonstrated it in a previous post (as the Drop-In Poker Rig) .

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